NBA Players react to NFL replacement referees on twitter

“That was clearly an interception! The replacement referees have to go!” Truth be told, I don’t know a whole lot about the game of football, but those two sentences are about the only thing anyone on twitter could say on Monday night in regards to the football game between the Seahawks and Packers. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at all the angry reactions by NBA players around the league. Clearly, something has gone terribly wrong with the sport after these replacement referees took over:

I'm Not Watching #NFL Football Anymore.... These Refs Are A Joke.....
Carl Landry
This will be the end of the replacement refs! Sorry guys u just blew a game that a ten year old could have called right!
Chris Kaman
I simply just LOVE the NFL to much to see these mistakes. I'm sick like I just played for the Packers
LeBron James
Wow. Regular Refs Def Hav to Come Back #NFL
Jason Thompson
They are about to make bank!! RT @: The real refs just made themselves a whole lot of money. WOW
Quincy Pondexter
Yea thats crazy big bro RT @: C'mon man!! That's clearly a interception.
DeJuan Blair
NFL is a joke right now. Clear interception... #bringbacktherefs
Roger Mason Jr
Smh I don't even wanna know how the packers are feeling after that call...
Kyrie Irving
The rep refs can't be serious they goin to far now that's crazy
Marcus Thornton
Breaking news: this just out, the ref who made the call went to Seattle High School and is close friends with NBA ref Donaghy
Michael Finley
Crazy ending at Packers and Seahawks game! They should always review those plays at the end of the game.
Pau Gasol
Packers got robbed! That was an interception all day and Tate pushed off! #theseRefsaredestroyingfootball
Kris Humphries
Yo I'm seriously bout to boycott the NFL until they bring the real refs back. Can u really call that a TD. That's not even close.
Mario Chalmers
After seeing the 2nd half of the Packer game I may never watch another NFL game until the real refs are back!
Steve Novak
"@: These refs got the NFL looking like WWE lol" easy bro. Great call zebras!
Spencer Hawes
So thankful our @ referees are full time professionals!
Andrew Bogut
I would love to see what my reaction would be if a Mavs game ended like #MNF. #Expensive #NBAtime
Mark Cuban
Not gonna watch another nfl game until real refs r back. What a farce
Dirk Nowitzki

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