Fantasy Spin: October 3, 2012 – Part I

Elimination Roto Draft Results, Part I

Last night was the first “big” draft of the fantasy hoops season for all three of us on the Sheridan Hoops team. On Monday, I went into considerable depth about the rules and strategy of this unique format, but what you can learn from these draft results applies to any type of league.

Usually, “Round 1” refers to a 12-team league, and there are 13 rounds in standard-sized leagues. That means anyone who made it past Round 8 in our 20-team draft (Part I of this article) is likely to be a free agent.

Part II, of more interest if you play in deeper leagues, will list our final eight rounds, players 161 to 320. I’ll comment mostly on who I picked and why, with a nod to the ones that got away — players a rival snatched from the top of my queue.

Keep in mind that we drafted before the first exhibition game, and at this stage even “experts” are guessing. Consider where some sleepers went, and how far some injured players fell, as you are prepping for your own drafts.


Round 1 (Players #1-20)
LeBron James (Mia – SF,PF)Numero Ocho
Kevin Durant (OKC – SF)Pistol Pete
Chris Paul (LAC – PG)Kosrae Kiwis
Kevin Love (Min – PF,C)Shortsteppers II
Russell Westbrook (OKC – PG)Aggie Swish
Andrew Bynum (Phi – C)Skyrim Walkers
Dwyane Wade (Mia – PG,SG)’92 Dream Team
Deron Williams (Bkn – PG)Last Man Standing !!
Al Jefferson (Uta – PF,C)STAT
LaMarcus Aldridge (Por – PF,C)Alcindor Skyhooks
Josh Smith (Atl – SF,PF)Trillionaires
Kobe Bryant (LAL – SG)~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~
Dwight Howard (LAL – C)Madafakas4Life
Paul Millsap (Uta – PF)R.I.P Super Sonics
Dirk Nowitzki (Dal – PF)Brick Master
Carmelo Anthony (NY – SF,PF)Ski Bum
Kyrie Irving (Cle – PG)Roots for Goliath
Ty Lawson (Den – PG)Cuban’s defectors
Marc Gasol (Mem – C)Chief
Pau Gasol (LAL – PF,C)Magic 9


My team is the Alcindor Skyhooks. The name honors a player I grew up watching in awe, long before he became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. “Lewis,” as legendary UCLA coach John Wooden always called him, was so dominant that the NCAA banned dunking. Alcindor responded to the removal of his main weapon by perfecting the unstoppable shot that led to many of his 38,387 points in the NBA. LaMarcus Aldridge is no Kareem, but he was a safe first pick. I would have preferred Al Jefferson and seriously considered Kobe Bryant. Best pick of the round? Kyrie Irving, who fell several spots lower than expected.

Round 2 (Players #21-40)
DeMarcus Cousins (Sac – PF,C)Magic 9
Brandon Jennings (Mil – PG)Chief
Al Horford (Atl – PF,C)Cuban’s defectors
Blake Griffin (LAC – PF,C)Roots for Goliath
Rajon Rondo (Bos – PG)Ski Bum
James Harden (OKC – SG,SF)Brick Master
Serge Ibaka (OKC – PF,C)R.I.P Super Sonics
Nicolas Batum (Por – SG,SF)Madafakas4Life
Greg Monroe (Det – C)~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~
Monta Ellis (Mil – PG,SG)Trillionaires
Rudy Gay (Mem – SF,PF)Alcindor Skyhooks
Danny Granger (Ind – SF,PF)STAT
Andre Iguodala (Den – SG,SF)Last Man Standing !!
Mike Conley (Mem – PG)’92 Dream Team
Stephen Curry (GS – PG)Skyrim Walkers
Goran Dragic (Pho – PG)Aggie Swish
Paul Pierce (Bos – SF)Shortsteppers II
Chris Bosh (Mia – PF,C)Kosrae Kiwis
David Lee (GS – PF,C)Pistol Pete
Kyle Lowry (Tor – PG)Numero Ocho


I was happy to get Rudy Gay at #31 but would have been content with Danny Granger or even Chris Bosh. It’s still very early in the draft, and there have been few surprises.

Round 3 (Players #41-60)
Eric Gordon (NO – SG)Numero Ocho
Amar’e Stoudemire (NY – PF,C)Pistol Pete
Paul George (Ind – SG,SF)Kosrae Kiwis
Marcus Thornton (Sac – SG)Shortsteppers II
Ryan Anderson (NO – PF,C)Aggie Swish
John Wall (Was – PG)Skyrim Walkers
Marcin Gortat (Pho – C)’92 Dream Team
Joe Johnson (Bkn – SG,SF)Last Man Standing !!
Anthony Davis (NO – PF)STAT
Steve Nash (LAL – PG)Alcindor Skyhooks
Tony Parker (SA – PG)Trillionaires
Klay Thompson (GS – SG,SF)~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~
Joakim Noah (Chi – PF,C)Madafakas4Life
Ersan Ilyasova (Mil – PF)R.I.P Super Sonics
Tim Duncan (SA – PF,C)Brick Master
Derrick Rose (Chi – PG)Ski Bum
Tyson Chandler (NY – C)Roots for Goliath
Kevin Garnett (Bos – PF,C)Cuban’s defectors
Roy Hibbert (Ind – C)Chief
Jrue Holiday (Phi – PG)Magic 9


This is the last time I’ll ever own Steve Nash. It was a tossup with Tony Parker but I went with my heart. Few athletes have given me more pleasure than a skinny, underdog Canadian becoming a multiple MVP. Nash is even a great fimmaker; his Terry Fox documentary made me cry and his “home movie” of the Suns on an airplane is hysterically funny. Fanboy emotions notwithstanding, I like his FG% and FT% a lot and this league counts both AST and A/T.

Round 4 (Players #61-80)
Gerald Wallace (Bkn – SF,PF)Magic 9
Zach Randolph (Mem – PF,C)Chief
Manu Ginobili (SA – SG,SF)Cuban’s defectors
Tyreke Evans (Sac – SG,SF)Roots for Goliath
Carlos Boozer (Chi – PF,C)Ski Bum
Luis Scola (Pho – PF,C)Brick Master
Kris Humphries (Bkn – PF)R.I.P Super Sonics
Damian Lillard (Por – PG)Madafakas4Life
Danilo Gallinari (Den – SF)~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~
Brook Lopez (Bkn – C)Trillionaires
Wesley Matthews (Por – SG,SF)Alcindor Skyhooks
Raymond Felton (NY – PG,SG)STAT
Kemba Walker (Cha – PG)Last Man Standing !!
Nene Hilario (Was – PF,C)’92 Dream Team
Jeff Teague (Atl – PG)Skyrim Walkers
Andrew Bogut (GS – C)Aggie Swish
Jeremy Lin (Hou – PG)Shortsteppers II
Andrea Bargnani (Tor – PF,C)Kosrae Kiwis
Luol Deng (Chi – SF)Pistol Pete
Rodney Stuckey (Det – PG,SG)Numero Ocho


Wesley Matthews was not my first choice at SG. I’d been targeting Paul George earlier until Jeff snapped him up, then had my sights on Tyreke Evans. When Bruce grabbed him, it felt like my Spin colleagues were conspiring to make me scramble a bit.

Round 5 (Players #81-100)
Nikola Pekovic (Min – C)Numero Ocho
JaVale McGee (Den – C)Pistol Pete
Kenneth Faried (Den – PF)Kosrae Kiwis
Arron Afflalo (Orl – SG)Shortsteppers II
Anderson Varejao (Cle – PF,C)Aggie Swish
Michael Beasley (Pho – SF,PF)Skyrim Walkers
Kevin Martin (Hou – SG)’92 Dream Team
Al Harrington (Orl – PF,C)Last Man Standing !!
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Cha – SF)STAT
Evan Turner (Phi – SG,SF)Alcindor Skyhooks
David West (Ind – PF)Trillionaires
Brandon Knight (Det – PG,SG)~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~
Mo Williams (Uta – PG,SG)Madafakas4Life
Isaiah Thomas (Sac – PG)R.I.P Super Sonics
O.J. Mayo (Dal – SG)Brick Master
DeAndre Jordan (LAC – C)Ski Bum
Lou Williams (Atl – PG,SG)Roots for Goliath
Darren Collison (Dal – PG)Cuban’s defectors
Ray Allen (Mia – SG)Chief
Derrick Favors (Uta – PF,C)Magic 9


At this point, it’s clear that I’m playing “small” — lacking a shot-blocking rebounder. But that’s OK in the elimination format; I have five mini-drafts and months of trading to address that deficit. Evan Turner is an excellent passer and rebounder who completes my starting five.

Round 6 (Players #101-120)
Ricky Rubio (Min – PG)Magic 9
Jason Terry (Bos – PG,SG)Chief
Thaddeus Young (Phi – SF,PF)Cuban’s defectors
George Hill (Ind – PG,SG)Roots for Goliath
Elton Brand (Dal – PF,C)Ski Bum
Jason Kidd (NY – PG)Brick Master
Bradley Beal (Was – SG)R.I.P Super Sonics
Chris Kaman (Dal – PF,C)Madafakas4Life
Wilson Chandler (Den – SG,SF)~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~
Trevor Ariza (Was – SG,SF)Trillionaires
Jameer Nelson (Orl – PG)Alcindor Skyhooks
Greivis Vasquez (NO – PG,SG)STAT
Jamal Crawford (LAC – PG,SG)Last Man Standing !!
J.R. Smith (NY – SG,SF)’92 Dream Team
Avery Bradley (Bos – PG,SG)Skyrim Walkers
Jared Dudley (Pho – SG,SF)Aggie Swish
Samuel Dalembert (Mil – C)Shortsteppers II
Gordon Hayward (Uta – SG,SF)Kosrae Kiwis
DeMar DeRozan (Tor – SG,SF)Pistol Pete
Dorell Wright (Phi – SG,SF)Numero Ocho


I was fully expecting to take Greivis Vasquez here but thought Jameer Nelson would be gone. If that pick was a mistake, my excuse is being momentarily distracted by the disappointment of Chris Kaman and Wilson Chandler being plucked from my queue.

Round 7 (Players #121-140)
Andrei Kirilenko (Min – SF,PF)Numero Ocho
Tristan Thompson (Cle – PF,C)Pistol Pete
Kawhi Leonard (SA – SG,SF)Kosrae Kiwis
Dion Waiters (Cle – SG)Shortsteppers II
Channing Frye (Pho – PF,C)Aggie Swish
Harrison Barnes (GS – SF)Skyrim Walkers
Jose Calderon (Tor – PG)’92 Dream Team
Antawn Jamison (LAL – PF)Last Man Standing !!
Courtney Lee (Bos – SG,SF)STAT
Brandon Bass (Bos – PF,C)Alcindor Skyhooks
Shawn Marion (Dal – SF,PF)Trillionaires
Ramon Sessions (Cha – PG,SG)~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~
Brandon Roy (Min – SG,SF)Madafakas4Life
Jae Crowder (Dal – SF,PF)R.I.P Super Sonics
Emeka Okafor (Was – C)Brick Master
Brandon Rush (GS – SG)Ski Bum
Drew Gooden (Mil – PF,C)Roots for Goliath
Tony Allen (Mem – SG,SF)Cuban’s defectors
Hedo Turkoglu (Orl – SF,PF)Chief
Jason Richardson (Phi – SG,SF)Magic 9

Many of us in this draft have known each other for a decade or more and are fierce rivals in keeper leagues that draft later. Could there have been some “sandbagging?” Theoretically, but everyone wants to win this league. Bruce, Jeff and I have Sheridan Hoops bragging rights at stake and the others had the advantage of knowing who we liked. Brandon Bass was a safe pick; I’m an admirer of big men who can hit free throws.

Round 8 (Players #141-160)
MarShon Brooks (Bkn – SG,SF)Magic 9
Spencer Hawes (Phi – C)Chief
Danny Green (SA – SG,SF)Cuban’s defectors
Thomas Robinson (Sac – PF)Roots for Goliath
Mario Chalmers (Mia – PG)Ski Bum
Glen Davis (Orl – PF,C)Brick Master
Omer Asik (Hou – C)R.I.P Super Sonics
J.J. Redick (Orl – SG)Madafakas4Life
D.J. Augustin (Ind – PG)~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~
Jordan Crawford (Was – PG,SG)Trillionaires
Patrick Patterson (Hou – PF,C)Alcindor Skyhooks
Luke Ridnour (Min – PG,SG)STAT
Jason Thompson (Sac – PF,C)Last Man Standing !!
Nikola Vucevic (Orl – PF,C)’92 Dream Team
Austin Rivers (NO – PG,SG)Skyrim Walkers
J.J. Hickson (Por – PF,C)Aggie Swish
Kirk Hinrich (Chi – PG,SG)Shortsteppers II
Jonas Valanciunas (Tor – C)Kosrae Kiwis
Derrick Williams (Min – SF,PF)Pistol Pete
Tiago Splitter (SA – C)Numero Ocho


This is where I switched to sleeper mode. Patrick Patterson may not have the breakout year I expect, but I can afford to bench him and eventually replace him.

There were eight more rounds in our draft; to see where the next 160 players were selected, continue to Part II.


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  2. ~*~ Wizard of Oz ~*~ says

    IMHO Dirk in R1, Horford in R2 & Nash in R3 were daylight robbery. R4 Hilario is a steal, he is clearly the best player in “Bullets” no matter what people say about Wall (He is going to miss some time. Can’t trust the 8 week diagnosis). I had the pleasure of owning Wall last season and oh boy.. was he shipped out in a hurry before All-Star in one of my other keeper league.

    I was on autopilot but still satisfied with the team albeit few pressing issues. Some players & especially rookies went too early for a redraft league. As noted, few eye turners along the way.

    Proud owner of the Black Mamba at #1 (^_^)

  3. Magic 9 says

    Hey Jeff
    Glad you like some of my picks. Drafting last is a challenge. P Gasol and Cousins are 16, 17 on my roto spread sheet so happy to get them as a pair. Second wheel happy to get Jrue then stumbled with Wallace. T Evans probably the pick there. Third wheel of Favors and 4 months of Rubio in an elim format seems prudent storing up games. After that a bit of a crap shoot but overall like my team. Zeller was 168 on my list drafted 220. M Teague and Nicholson my spec picks. Fun as always and thanks for doing this Sheridan Fantasy gig. We are all learning from it.

  4. Bruce Wrigley says

    I actually thought Kirilenko might come all the way down to me at 137. No dice. A player I coveted and still covet in all formats, but it was the old problem of being on either end of the snake draft… #104 was perhaps too early (yes, George Hill indeed might not outperform AK47 but there was still a chance I could get both) and #137 was clearly too late as he went at #121. Some players you simply aren’t likely to draft because their draft value is distant from any of your picks. I also coveted Tristan Thompson but the same story applied – he went at #122 and my #104 pick might have been too early.

  5. says

    It was fun draft. As some readers will surely pick up there a couple of no shows and they can be easily identified in the results. I was the Kosrae Kiwis and am generally pleased with my team. Below are my quick comments:

    Round 1 Kyrie Irving falling all the way to Bruce at 16 was the story. I had him at 6. I find PG’s are very valuable in this format and 5 of my top 8 were PG eligible. I wound have taken Kobe over Aldridge but that this nitpicking.
    Round 2 I targeted Greg Monroe and was disappointed that he got snatched so quickly. I liked Cousins at 21 and Lowry 40. Bosh was best C on the board.
    Round 3 My target here was Galliari but 43 was too soon to draft him, so took George’s upside. John Wall’s injury knocked him to 46. Derrick Rose was Yahoo! pick. No way he should go this early in this format.
    Round 4 I was targeting Jeremy Lin and he got picked immediately before me, so I veered off my plan and took risk on Bargnani. Gallinari was a steal here. I like Stuckey a lot but that was about 3 rounds too early.
    Round 5Got my man Faried here. Things started falling apart in this round. Too early for Pekovic, Beasley, Knight and Allen. Mayo, Williams and Favors are excellent potential values.
    Round 6 Got my man again with Hayward. I like Rubio here. No way Brand should be drafted before Kaman.
    Round 7 Wanted a back-up PG here but couldn’t pass up Kawhi. Frye and Crowder must have been Yahoo!. Really liked Kirilenko pick.
    Round 8 Figured I could that PG in 9 and didn’t want to risk losing Valanciunas. Should really my team in second half. Several surprise selection. Augustin was a great pick here.

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