Tweet of the Night: Enes Kanter

Another great practice , everyone worked really hard . Competition was crazy. #JazzFamily
Enes Kanter

Enes Kanter, the third overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft, looks to have a much stronger season in his second year as a pro after struggling through  much of his rookie season.

We mentioned this in our blog, but Kanter dedicated himself over the summer to lose a total of 51 pounds to prepare for the upcoming season. How exactly was he able to accomplish this? More importantly, how did he get to 293 pounds in the first place? Bill Oram of The Salt Lake Tribune has the details:

Kanter said he switched to a diet based primarily on seafood and salads. It raised a natural question with an unnatural answer: What was the 6-foot-11 20-year-old eating before?He broke it down thusly…”First my breakfast: I was eating like six eggs, omelet with six eggs; seven or eight pancakes, with sugar, whipped cream, everything; then a breakfast burrito. That was just my breakfast. Then I came to practice and my lunch was just like pasta, chicken alfredo or whatever, and then a burger and an appetizer. Dessert? No. Dessert was at dinnertime. Dinnertime I ate another burger, a big meal again and a dessert.”

Hopefully with the loss of all the extra weight, we will get to see what made Kanter such a tantalizing potential heading into the draft. He will, however, still have to compete with Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and Derrick Favors to see more playing time for the team.

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