Morning News Roundup

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Here are this morning’s top NBA news stories:

  • “Dwight Howard fitting in well with Kobe Bryant, new look Lakers,” by Sam Amick from
  • “Knicks still targeting Josh Howard,” by Jared Zwerling from
  • “LaMarcus Aldridge, free agent to be in 2015, is ‘fine with’ Portland Trail Blazers’ Direction,” by Ben Golliver from the Blazers Edge
  • “Belinelli envisions long term Bulls backcourt partnership with Rose,” by Shams Charania from RealGM
  • “Manu shrugs off flopping edict,” by Jeff McDonald from the San Antonio Express-News
  • “Griffin calls flop rule a way for the ‘NBA to get more money,’” by Dan Woike from the Orange County Register
  • “NBA’s new flopping fines all right by Bulls,” by Joe Cowley from Chicago Sun-Times
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