Tweet of the Night: Jeremy Lin

Btw its not OK that all the rooks forgot their hello kitty, cody simpson, dora the explorer and smurfs backpacks...
Jeremy Lin

By no means is it okay for the Rockets rookies to have forgotten their likely pink-colored kindergarten backpacks meant to be carried around at all times during their rookie season. The rookies need to show obedience and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get through the first season by following the orders of the veterans. Lin sure did in his rookie season:

In all seriousness, Lin will be going into his third season, and believe it or not, looks to act as a veteran and a leader for the team despite his own limited experience in the league. There is already a relatively set plan for what the team hopes and expects from the unpredictable phenom guard, and if some of those expectations are met, the Rockets won’t actually be “Bobcats material“.

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