Tweet of the Night: Erin Andrews

Dwight, you play in LA will be criticized by everyone. get used to it..
Erin Andrews

Tweet of the Night went to Erin Andrews, who had a stern message for Dwight Howard. Presumably, she was responding to Howard finally lashing back at Shaquille O’Neal for continually ridiculing and trying to undermine him at every chance he gets. Earlier this week, O’Neal went over the top with his opinion of Howard by stating that, given the choice, he would choose Brook Lopez over Howard.

While Andrews has a point in saying Howard will be scrutinized for everything he does in Los Angeles, that’s nothing new for someone of his stature. Criticism is something that has and always will follow Howard whether he plays in Orlando, Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter. In the particular case of addressing O’Neal, though, it was long overdue. With respects to Lopez, saying he is better than Howard is like saying Batman is better than Superman; You either have no idea what the heroes are capable of, or you simply can’t get over the fact that you just don’t like Superman. Even Avery Johnson could agree on that.

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  2. Scott says

    Batman is better than Superman as long as you define better as “badass.” Both are awesome though. Comparing Howard to Lopez is more like Superman to Toby Maguire’s Spiderman. It’s not close anyone who wants to argue the contrary is just looking to start something (ie The Big Analyst)

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