Tweet of the Day: Jeremy Lin

It’s not every day that an NBA player with only 64 total games under his belt in two seasons in the league manages to make the cover of a magazine, especially if that magazine is GQ.

Jeremy Lin, who enters his third season in the NBA—and his first full season with the Houston Rockets, did just that.

He was recently featured in a GQ article detailing his offseason experience, going from a New York Knickerbocker to a Houston ‘Rocket Man.’

He tweeted his cover photo with a clever quip, in which he referenced the ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ featured in Dos Equis commercials.

I dont always pass with my left, but when I do, its for GQ (dos equis voice) ... thanks @ !!
Jeremy Lin

You can view the GQ article here.

Lin has struggled through his first three games of the preseason, scoring only 16 points on 21 percent from the floor and garnering only 14 assists to seven turnovers.

Rockets head coach Kevin McHale, who is taking a cautious and patient approach with Lin, recently told SLAM magazine:

“He’s finding his way, as always happens when you haven’t played in a long time. He had surgery and took a long time off. He’s just getting his confidence back, trying to get his mojo going which is very common.

Here’s hoping Lin can find his mojo before the season gets into full swing. After trading away Kyle Lowry and allowing Goran Dragić to leave in free agency, the Rockets will need him to have his confidence.


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