Hamilton: Knicks Frontcourt Among Best In NBA

The gulf between the NBA’s haves and have-nots has grown since LeBron James and Miami’s Dream-Three celebrated their NBA championship just a little less than five months ago.

The Lakers now have a roster than features five Hall-of-Famers, and the Heat probably do, too.

The Knicks probably don’t, but what they do have is one of the deepest frontcourts in the NBA.

Knick-haters, you have the option to cease reading from this point forth. Because I am here to tell you that this team is legit championship-contending material. Sheridan said similar things yesterday on CineSport.

Deep down inside, it is my belief that the maintream media is all too often overly pessimistic about the Knicks and almost any personnel move they make. The Knicks sign Jason Kidd, and they’ve made a huge mistake. But if the Oklahoma City Thunder signed him, it would have been a stroke of genius.

Somehow, getting Kurt Thomas as a part of the Raymond Felton trade is something  to make fun of. And although the Knicks overpaid for Marcus Camby in my opinion, you can’t argue with his effectiveness — and I say that despite the fact that he’s currently nursing an injury. He is always nursing an injury.

Getting Rasheed Wallace to come out of retirement seems questionable, especially if the Knicks elect to cut Chris Copeland because of him. But in all seriousness, if Wallace can give the Knicks 10 solid minutes as a stretch 4 who can rebound and play post defense (the latter two items are things Steve Novak is incapable of), how is it a bad idea to bring him on?

Yes, there are more questions than answers at this point.

But the real point?

They are questions that haven’t been answered.


  1. Brian Rivel says

    How do you get 4 hall of famers on the Heat.
    4 yes. 5 not a chance. Please explain who your 5th hall of famer is on the Heat

  2. Jorbo says

    5 Hall of Famers for both the Heat and Lakers? I understand 4 for both, but I can’t imagine who the 5th is. Rashard Lewis? Metta World Peace? Ehh..

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