Tweet of the Night: Jordan Hamilton

The Nuggets will be playing in Oklahoma City tonight, and while I do not know exactly where they are staying,  I would hazard a guess — based upon this tweet from Jordan Hamilton — that it the Skirvin Hotel.

The Skirvin is said to be a haunted hotel. Just ask Jared Jeffries or Eddy Curry, who had ghostly encounters there during their time with the Knicks.

The ghost is said to be a female named “Effie,” who wasa maid at the hotel nearly 100 years ago and had an affair with the founder, oil baron William Skirvin, and is said to have jumped to her death from the 10th floor while holding their love child.

The Miami Heat stayed at the Skirvin during last year’s NBA Finals, and no ghost stories were reported by LeBron James and his teammates. But those ghost stories certainly exist, as you can read by clicking through to this dispatch from last June.


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