NBA Camp Invites Who Might Make an Opening Night Roster — UPDATED

Who are the needles in the haystacks?

With NBA training camps opening, nothing excites me more than talking about little-known players and their chances to make their perspective teams. The time to put all other events aside for the next 9 months is about to begin, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have the bug so bad this time of year, I go to local college inter-squad scrimmages.

As it relates to the NBA, this is a tremendous time of year for everyone — but especially for young players looking for a shot to break through and get an NBA contract.

These young players have to make major financial decisions, deciding whether to head overseas or take different paths like the NBA Development League — and cash much smaller checks. Some of those who’ve followed the latter path have made camps and have the chance to make a roster.

The fact is, there have been more and more players rising from the NBA Development League over the past few years, and in camps this October are some veterans looking for one last shot at glory.

Here’s my list of players of 8 players I expect to make the opening night rosters after having been invited to camp. (Originally published Sept. 30; UPDATED on Oct. 22).


  1. […] In this look at training camp invites most likely to make an NBA roster, we have a Cavaliers mention: “Kevin Jones (Cleveland Cavaliers), 6’8″ F, West Virginia I’ve watched Jones develop for over a decade, and I can tell you that he is a pro in every sense of the word. He fits a nice need for the Cavs, or can develop into a great second-effort player who can stretch the defense from the perimeter. He’s not at the usual NBA size for a 4, but I can see him developing into a crowd-pleasing, extra- effort player with more range than, say, the Bulls Taj Gibson.” [Tommy Dee/Sheridan Hoops] […]

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