The Bernucca List – Edition 28


The NBA is back, and so is the weekly edition of The Bernucca List.

You remember how this works, right? I give you a list of players, or coaches, or teams, all of whom have something very specific in common. You try to figure out what that common thread is.

When you think you’ve got the answer, drop it in the Comments section below. Or you can send me a Tweet.

First correct answer gets a mention in next week’s list. Second correct answer gets nothing.

Here ya go. Knock yourselves out.

The Bernucca List

Kelenna Azubuike
Jerome Dyson
Christian Eyenga
Jordan Farmar
Dan Gadzuric
Josh Harrellson
Jerome Jordan
D.J. Kennedy
Jon Leuer
Brad Miller
E’Twaun Moore
Jordan Williams
Sean Williams


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  1. All of them began their pro careers in a foreign league and all of them blow chunks.

    • All of them began their careers in a foreign league, all of them were involved in 2012 summer transactions, and all of them have enough talent and skills to fill a thimble.

  2. Traded then waived.

  3. Chris Bernucca says:

    Two of you have partial correct answers, but not the complete correct answer

  4. blahblahblah says:

    All were waived by a team this offseason.

  5. Two answers, I reckon. All of those guys were traded this summer, and all of those guys suck.

  6. All cut by Rockets this year

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