SH Blog: The clock is ticking for NBA teams to get down to 15 players

The last few days before NBA teams have to get down to a 15-man roster probably mean a lot to the players, but they rarely are given a whole lot of attention by all but the most die-hard NBA fans.

Still, they can be fun to pay attention to, especially for people who are big fans of the college game and want to keep track of some former college stars in the pros. So the recent news that the Blazers were cutting Adam Morrison was a heartbreaker for me, since the season where I really fell in love with college hoops was 2005-06, when Morrison lit up the nation with his weird hair, stupid mustache and beautiful running one-handed floaters that always seemed to fall in.

But Morrison isn’t the only formerly noteworthy player to get dropped. Keep reading for more.

We’ve also got some cool new stuff here on Sheridan Hoops, starting with Nick Gibson’s Euroleague update, featuring the defending champs struggling a bit. Moke Hamilton also has an excellent column on dark horse candidates for several NBA awards, and we’ve also got preseason power rankings from Mark Heisler.

And now here’s the latest NBA news:

  • On Friday, the Blazers cut former No. 3 overall pick Adam Morrison, and today, another fairly big-name player was dropped as Quentin Richardson was waived by the Magic. This means Orlando will eat the $5.4 million remaining on his contract. Here’s what Richardson said to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “Actually, Rob did a great job just getting out front and being open and everything. So it wasn’t something that blindsided me. He kept in constant communication with my agent, Jeff Wechsler. I’ve got nothing but the utmost respect for the way Rob handled everything. I’ve been around long enough to know it was definitely a possibility, and I just appreciate the way Rob handled it. From Day One, I just wanted him to be honest and open with me, and that’s how he handled it. So I have no ill feelings about it.”

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