Tweet of the Day: Jeremy Lin

Happy Halloween everyone.

As the NBA has its second night of games, opening night for most teams—including the practically rebuilt Houston Rockets, the rest of America embarks on the age-old tradition of wearing costumes and stockpiling candy.

Hopefully your costume—if you’re wearing one—is up to snuff.

In a retrospective tweet, Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin seems to think that he had the best costume as a kid.

Happy Halloween! Dont be jealous of my bambi costume...
Jeremy Lin

While Lin may have had the cutest photograph of the day, the most outlandish and hilarious goes to Orlando Magic small forward Moe Harkless, who sent out a picture of teammate and power forward Kyle O’Quinn.

Everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit, wearing costumes and giving well wishes. Even the hosts of ESPN Radio show Mike and Mike took the opportunity to make a Halloween rendition of Korean music star Psy and his hit music video Gangnam Style.

In the spirit of Halloween, have fun, be safe and watch out for underwear wearing superheroes—they may not be much help should you get in trouble with any super villains.

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