Heisler: In Lakerdom, it’s already a long season

It was fun while it lasted, or can someone call the Lakers and tell them the season has started?

Ending three months of post-resurrection celebration, the legends-in-their-own-minds are 0-10 this fall, losing eight exhibitions, getting turned every which way but loose in the opener by the Dirk-less Mavericks, then getting bombed, 116-106, in Portland by last season’s No. 11 team in the West.

Of course, the Lakers have been here before, will be OK, etc.

No, Coach Mike Brown isn’t in trouble. He’s safe, at least another two or three months.

Talk about your fun starts, at least for people who like to watch crockery that’s full of it fall a great distance and shatter.

Two days ago, despite the Lakes’ injury-plagued preseason, they looked like the scariest team in the West, even to Laker-hating Dallas owner Mark Cuban.

Asked before the opener if they were a super team, Cuban told the Dallas Morning News’ Eddie Sefko, “I don’t know, I don’t care. I just hope they suck.’’

Cue the suckage.

Of course, losing makes everything look bad and losing as the Lakers did against two teams not expected to make the playoffs makes it look like there’s no reason to go on living.

In the really bad news for the Lakers, it may be more than a passing impression.

Remember how old and slow the Lakers had become?

They’re even older and slower now.

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