SH Blog: Waxing poetic on new Brooklyn Arena, which is dark tonight

Congratulations to the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets for resisting the urge to relocate tonight’s opener to the Meadowlands, or to the Prudential Center in Newark, or to the Teaneck Armory (if it still exists) — all places they used to call home.

Their super-hyped opener against the New York Knicks has been postponed until Nov. 26 because of the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which caused more devastation than New Yorkers and NewJerseyans are accustomed to handling.

Fistfights at gas stations? Check.

An inordinate amount of traffic accidents by distracted drivers? Check.

Shortages of white break, milk and toilet paper? Hah, no way! Those items were purchased in bulk Sunday, as they are prior to every impending storm that carries a dire warning. Only it turns out this time those dire warnings should have been heeded.

The SheridanHoops office tower is without electricity or heat for the fourth consecutive day now, and judging from the inaction on the downed trees at both ends of my street, the folks at Con Edison have bigger fish to fry. Thankfully, we have columnists around the country who have not been impacted by the big storm, and we are running like clockwork. (For instance, check out Mark Heisler on the 0-2 Lakers.)

Speaking of clockwork, 7 p.m. EST Friday is the deadline to enter our first fantasy freeroll. These contests were a huge hit last season, and we had a turnout of 555 people for last night’s $2 challenge. Our partner FanDuel is paying the top 18 finishers, so go ahead and give it a whirl. It’s a freeroll, so it is free.

Anyway, back to the Brooklyn Nets and the brand new Barclays Center.


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