Poll: When Will Mike Brown get fired?

A letter of reprimand has been issued on company letterhead to the knucklehead roaming this site who predicted the Lakers would win 70 games. The editor used extremely strong language, in part to placate tweeps who mock, righteously.

So we move on to the next thing.

You don’t need a Princeton degree to see the Princeton offense isn’t quite working for the Lakers, who are 0-2 and could be without Steve Nash tonight when they play their cross-hallway rivals, the Clippers.

If the Lakers drop to 0-3, the art in Mark Heisler’s latest column will be particularly appropriate, metaphorically speaking.

Also, Mike Brown’s job will be on the line — even if Kobe Bryant has already become dismissive of such a suggestion.

So if the axe falls, when will it happen?

Cast your vote below, and the results will show after you have voted.


  1. lakers fan in covina says

    mike brown has been blaming the team turnovers and team rebounds since the beginning of the tournament. as a coach, what are the steps that he has made to correct these problems?

  2. Arky says

    There’s no way that Brown, who is not responsible for all these old guys (and Dwight) getting injured and being unable to practice together, is going to be sacked in the first month of the season. No way.

    If he doesn’t make adjustments, then he should and will be fired while there’s still a chance to turn things around and make the playoffs. Pretty sure he’ll make adjustments though.

    The big danger is that Nash has actually hit the wall for good without giving them even one good season. And that’s out of Brown’s control (it may also be the first recorded occasion on which Toronto has dodged a bullet).

    • gj says

      The lakers have had all of traiining camp, preseason, and 3 games into the regular season to begin to figure out Brown’s system which has been totally unsuccessful so far. Meanwhile other teams are well on their way to perfecting their systems. By the time the Lakers start to figure it out they will be in such a deep hole in the standings they won’t be able to dig themselves out. Brown should have considered the time investment required to learn the new system and rejected the plan. The Lakers should replace Brown now while there is time to adopt a successful strategy.

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