Tweet of the Day: Mark Cuban

You can say what you want about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. You can say he’s cocky or arrogant; call him a jerk…some might even think he’s bad for the NBA.

Then, there are those of us who think he’s great for the league and he has a big heart—despite whatever shortcomings he may have, because nobody is perfect.

However, nowadays, actions speak louder than words.

Im going to donate $1mm dollars to support the victims of #Sandy in the name of @ and @ . Any suggestions on which entity ?
Mark Cuban

How about those words? Pretty big, huh?

Given the circumstances, you can rest assured that he’ll back it up.

Considering all of the devastation left behind in the wake of super storm Sandy, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the New York/New Jersey area and the activities going on there are dominating headlines in the news this weekend.

First, Mayor Michael Bloomberg made waves when he announced that the city would proceed with Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

While the motivation was not without good merit, as the marathon would bring roughly $340 million in revenue into the city, and—as with most sports—the hope was that the marathon would inspire and unite citizens of New York.

However, the outcry was overwhelming, and the marathon has since been cancelled.

NBA games, however, will go on.

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