Tweet of the Night: Kenny Smith

Maybe OKC shoulda traded Durant...
Kenny Smith

If someone had suggested that the Thunder should perhaps trade Kevin Durant instead of James Harden about one week ago, that someone would have been laughed at and ridiculed, at the very least. His/her basketball IQ would have been questioned heavily, and any credibility the person may have had (in terms of basketball knowledge) probably would have been lost.

But here we are – not one week past the start of the season – left to wonder (if you are really bold) what Kenny “the Jet” Smith is wondering himself: is Harden capable of being a better player than Durant?

As strange and awkward as it may be to wonder in such a way – and we won’t really know if Smith said what he said with any real substance until the next segment on TNT – is it really that crazy to think about after watching Harden completely and utterly dominate for the second consecutive game for the Houston Rockets?

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