Tweet of the Day: Jamaal Tinsley

I am with you Jamaal. So many people deserve so much praise.

But then again, there are moments that make you bang you forehead against the wall … or the concrete … or the downed tree that has been blocking your street for six days.

That latter category is what we are dealing with here at the SheridanHoops office complex, which has kept the lights out since Monday night. The computer-generated voice at the Con Edison hotline told me today that I should expect power back by 11:59 p.m. Friday. No, I didn’t laugh. At least not right away.

Nor did I laugh at the tree cutting crew that showed up at 10 a.m. and did nothing until 4 p.m. They had to wait for the power company to give them the go-ahead, and the power company finally sent over a crew that specializes in underground wires, not overhead wires. Two hours later, the right crew arrived, made everyone in the neighborhood shut down their generators, then let the tree crew get down to business.

The tree cutters, by the way, are from Vidalia, Ga. and have been working their way up the East Coast since the storm hit on Monday. Nice bunch of guys.

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