SH Blog: Redick, Lillard prove valuable in opening week

Were there enough highlights from the first week of the NBA season for you?

James Harden’s surreal first two games. The Knicks’ phenomenal ball movement. LeBron James’ assist to Ray Allen for a game-winning four-point play over Denver (Pat Riley had to be grinning away).

Along with the other top stories of the week, the Dwight-less and rebuilding Orlando Magic skated through their first two games of the 2012-13 season against the Nuggets and Suns, respectively, in large part to the play of reserve guard J.J. Redick.

Often overlooked since his glory days at Duke, Redick has looked the part of a seasoned sniper. The seven-year vet has started the season with red-hot shooting, averaging 22.5 points on 16–of-25 from the field to go along with 6.0 assists in 34.5 minutes off the bench.

How has Redick put himself in position to convert opportunities into baskets on a team that’s supposed to be amongst the bottom-feeders in the league?


  1. Zee Remorca says

    Funny how a lot of players are stepping up like the players we create in NBA 2K’s MyPlayer mode. Harden scoring buckets in his first two games, and then Lillard beasting as a rookie. Might be a fun season after all.

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