Tweet of the Day: James Harden

Today was election day.

As Houston Rockets guard James Harden expressed, hopefully, you voted.

Some of people spent only minutes—some hours—traversing the lines at the polls to have their voices be heard.

Many of our friends, colleagues and favorite athletes in the world of sports have voted—and have encouraged everyone else to vote.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol, a native of Spain, understands and encouraged others in the decision to vote.

Today is a key day for everyone living in the US! I hope that everyone votes, or has voted already, for their candidate to the presidency!
Pau Gasol

It is definitely important, regardless of your alignment. Whether you stand on the left…or the right…or somewhere in between, voting is one of the freedoms that Americans have that some countries don’t have the ability to experience.

It is a privilege and a right that Americans are able to choose who should lead them. As Derek Fisher succinctly states:

No matter who you choose, make your voice heard. Everyone is equal, each person has a voice in this process. #Vote #Election #Vote2012

If you are interested in keeping tabs on who in the NBA is voting for who, you can follow the tweets on

Now, as polls are closing, everyone in America will have to wait to find out who the next President of the United States will be.

If you are done voting and (perhaps) bored with politics, you can always flip your internet over to Google + and check out Harden’s teammate and backcourt buddy Jeremy Lin, who is hosting a public hangout event. Five lucky followers were selected to hangout with him.

if you're bored go to to watch our Google+ Hangout live tonight at 7 pm CST
Jeremy Lin

Of course, you can always watch talking heads on television as they prognosticate who will win the election.


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