Heisler’s NBA Power Rankings After Week One

This guy also had a higher ranking week ago, like the Lakers and Thunder

OK, who had the No. 3 Knicks starting 3-0, the No. 15 Thunder and No. 20 Celtics falling on their faces and the No. 24 Lakers going into the toilet?

Not me. On the other hand, here at the World’s Greatest NBA Rankings (According to Us) we don’t just rank teams, we provide solutions to their problems!

(We also take them one season at a time.. If you want to see something more orthodox, or to put it another way, a lightly edited version of last season’s rankings, check someone else’s)

Take the Lakers… please.

Everyone in L.A. is going around saying “Princeton, phooey,” as if the new offense was the problem.

They wish.

The Lakers are so unbalanced, they could tip over, starting the tallest, most skilled lineup in ball, but also its oldest and slowest.

If Steve Nash works off a Dwight Howard screen with Kobe Bryant lurking on the weak side, where does Pau Gasol come in?

What athleticism they have, aside from Howard and what Bryant has left, comes off the bench, even if the reserves can’t hit the ocean from a boat, having been outscored by 18 a game.

Here’s where Pau should come in–off the bench.



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