NBA Players react to President Obama’s re-election

What do you do when you have thoughts about a big event going on in the country? You get on twitter, and you type in those 140 characters.

That’s exactly what a countless number of NBA players did when President Barack Obama was re-elected as the U.S. President for another four years on Tuesday night.

Kyle Lowry sprained his ankle against the Thunder, but that didn’t stop him from sharing his excitement.

Bryon Russell’s enthusiasm got him to say some inappropriate things.

Cuttino Mobley expressed his anger towards racism.

LeBron James expressed his love for Ohio, even though Ohio may never do the same for him.

Kris Humphries thought Mitt Romney might have won because his cab driver said so.

These were among the many reactions around the league. Almost everyone celebrated the big news, but there was one player in particular who was apparently furious over the results. See who it was in the following tweets:

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