Podcast: Heat-Knicks in Eastern Conference finals?

knicks small logoheat small logoThere is only one undefeated team remaining in the NBA, and New Yorkers would be ecstatic about it if they weren’t spending all of their time on gasoline lines and on hold with Con Edison.

In Miami, the Heat’s lopsided loss to the Knicks has already been written off, and they are penciling themselves into the NBA Finals — as is their right, sort of.

Here’s the thing: The Knicks have been rebuilt to defeat the Heat with a combination of size, defensive focus, depth and 3-point shooting. They have all those things.

Do I think the Knicks could defeat the Heat in a seven-game series? Not ready to say that, yet.

As old as they are, they are going to be mixing and matching lineups throughout the season as they deal with what should be a steady stream of injuries. But the Boston Celtics took the Heat to seven games last spring using Kevin Garnett at center. They had one guy the Heat could not handle, Rajon Rondo, and Boston showed that one single guy can be a monster difference-maker against Miami.

If you have a team that goes 10 deep, including five legit veteran bigs (Chandler, Camby, Stoudemire, Kurt Thomas and Rasheed Wallace), and a team that buries 3s, then what?

During my weekly appearance today on the Sid Rosenberg show on 640Sports in Miami, there was a lot of talk about the relative strengths of the two teams, plus some debate over how real the Mavericks are after their 3-1 start. Sid loves them. Me? Not so much.

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  1. J says

    Hi Chris,
    I’d love to listen to your podcasts but they do not work on iPad/iPhone. If you fixed that with a different HTML embedding tool or put them on iTunes I would listen every day. It’s technically incorrect to label them “podcasts” if they can’t be played on a mobile device.

  2. Brian says

    You wouldn’t consider Carmelo as the Knicks best power forward right now? Wouldn’t that make them 6 deep up front?


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