Tweet of the Day: Wesley Matthews

Ben Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

The most successful athletes are always looking ahead, planning their next move.

Whether that move is the next phase of their career, a business venture or simply planning ahead to free agency, the smart athletes are don’t often sit idly by as time moves past them.

Add Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews to the list of NBA athletes who has his future plans in order.

Im going to go through the process of becoming an agent so I can represent Sam Gordon in about 12 years lol #phenom
Wesley Matthews

If you aren’t familiar, Sam Gordon is a two-way pee wee league football star in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This season alone, Gordon (9) posted 1,911 yards rushing on only 232 carries for 35 touchdowns while adding 65 tackles on the defensive end.

Those stats are phenomenal for any young kid…but what about when that young kid is a girl?

Yes. Sam Gordon is actually Samantha Gordon.

Her father, Brent, started her off in soccer at the age of 4. After watching BYU football games, she decided she wanted to switch sports.

Like any good dad with a camera, he has captured her greatest moments and assembled a highlight video, which he posted on Youtube.

Since it was posted, the video has gone viral—with well over two million views.

The myth and legend of Sam Gordon has caught on like wildfire, and she has now been featured on news programs all over the television dial, from ESPN Sportscenter to Good Morning America.

If she continues to play as well as she has to this point, without severe injury, she is sure to have a lot of media hype by the time she reaches high school and college.

One thing is certain, her successes will be a benchmark that hopefully—to borrow Portland’s NBA team name—becomes a trail blazer for the inclusion and success of future female football players.


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