Tweet of the Day: Kobe Bryant

On Friday, after a poor 1-4 start to the 2012-13 season, the Los Angeles Lakers decided to fire head coach Mike Brown.

Many NBA players and pundits from the east coast to the west are weighing in on the end of Brown’s tenure in LA, but the opinion that matters most is that of five-time NBA Champion shooting guard Kobe Bryant.

Kobe doesn’t express his opinions on Twitter, but took time to post his reaction on Facebook.


He had some nice things to say about Brown—wishing him well in the future, although it probably doesn’t take the sting out of how everything went down.

While the Lakers may have looked awkward, if not absolutely lost, on offense, they had only played five games. Before the coaching staff could even attempt to make adjustments to their system, Brown was let go.

Mike Brown was called out of staff meeting on Friday morning, told he was fired, and returned 10 minutes later to tell his coaches the news.
Adrian Wojnarowski

The uncertainty of the team’s direction, as Bryant alluded to, is sure to be figured out in the coming weeks—if not days.

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