Gibson: LeBron Is “Cursed” and Clutch All At Once in Atlanta

ATLANTA — Sometimes you can be close and still smoke your cigar.  Take LeBron James’ Friday night against the Hawks, for example.

Tonight marked the twentieth time in James’ career that he finished either an assist or a rebound shy of a triple-double.  But with 13.7 second left, nine assists to his credit and his Miami Heat up 91-89, LeBron rose up for a jumper that hit nothing but white nylon on its way down.

Another triple-double would have to wait.  That’s fine with James, who gave the You know guys, it’s all about the wins answer in the locker room when asked about his string of narrow statistical misses.

“I am cursed,” James said.  “I said thank you to my teammates when I walked in here and seen the box score.”

Everyone laughed.  Everyone wished they were so cursed.

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