SH Blog: Phil Jackson isn’t the only NBA news

By now, you have to have heard: Everyone involved with the Lakers seems to want Phil Jackson and the Triangle offense back.

Here at Sheridan Hoops, we’ve got wall-to-wall coverage of this saga: the original piece on Brown’s firing, and the reaction from NBA players, plus one one podcast asking if this is more about Jackson or Jim Buss, and another podcast with some strong statements from Jackson’s friend, Roland Lazenby, that he fully expects the quest for ring No. 12 to begin soon.

In adition, here’s all the Jackson links you can handle, as well as the rest of the latest NBA news:

  • Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times has a very complete rundown on all of today’s Phil Jackson news. Nearly everything you need to know is in the link above, but here’s an excerpt: “The Lakers are unwavering that there’s still a 95% certainty he will be their next coach. It’s known that Jackson has already contacted assistant coaches who have worked with him previously about joining the Lakers’ staff. It doesn’t appear to be a problem for Lakers management. The desire of Lakers fans and players to have Jackson return has been matched by management’s desire to have him back on the bench. There’s been speculation since Jackson’s departure of a rift between Buss and him. It does not appear to be a deterrent in present discussions.”
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