Tweet of the Day: Royce White

The big news Friday was the firing of Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown.

The immediacy of it was surprising to most everyone, not necessarily that he was fired, but that they kept him around—with their full confidence, and then let him go after only five games.

In the wake of Brown’s release, there has been an outpouring of facts, statistics, rumors and prognostications about the circumstances surrounding his firing and who the Lakers will hire to replace him.

Houston Rockets rookie forward Royce White found some interesting math related to Mike Brown’s shortened season.

This is AWESOME! LOL....Thanks @ From this perspective it's kind of absurd. #MikeBrown
Royce White

Isn’t math amazing?

Using basic arithmetic ESPN Stats & Information has calculated the percentage of the entire NBA season that Brown coached and compared that to other sports.

His 2012-13 season equates to a college football coach being fired before the end of the third quarter in the team’s first game…OUCH!

This provides a valuable lesson about statistics:  Statistics can be fun, but they can also make situations that already looked bad seem even worse.

Hopefully, Brown will find another—more stable—coaching gig in the near future.


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  1. A.J. says

    Not much different than when fellow crappy head coach Byron Scott had his ass handed to him after only 9 games in 2009.

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