Tweet of the Night: Bill Simmons

Just curious - how many Knicks fans would trade Carmelo for Gallinari, Chandler and Mosgov right now?
Bill Simmons

When the New York Knicks gave up a sizable chunk of solid players to acquire the services of Carmelo Anthony in the 2010-2011 season, many – especially the team’s fan base – believed that the team simply gave up too much for the scorer that too often focused on only one end of the floor.

That especially appeared to be the case last season, when the Knicks struggled to an 8-15 record before the height of Linsanity, while the Nuggets were flourishing in the competitive Western Conference with one of the deeper teams in the league.

Fast forward to the current season, though, and the storybook has completely flipped in favor of the Knicks.

Anthony suddenly looks like a changed player and is doing things that most never thought he was capable of doing: getting after it on the defensive end. Meanwhile, Wilson Chandler has been largely ineffective thus far as he continues to recover from offseason hip surgery, Timofey Mozgov appears to be a marginal player at best and Danilo Gallinari is shooting a paltry 27.9 percent from the field as he tries to play through a sore ankle.

So to answer Bill Simmons’ question, are there any Knicks fans out there that would pull the trigger to acquire the struggling threesome of the Nuggets for Anthony now?


  1. George says

    So you are saying that 4 games in after a season and a half of seeing the other side of Melo (albeit with a sprinkling of the good melo) and the upsides of Gallo and Chandler (who are both injured this year) is enough to start crowing I told you so? That’s pathetic!

    Let’s hope good Melo which we have seen for the first two weeks sticks around for the entire season and actually gets out of the first round because when he is good he is one of the top 5 in the league. Only then can we talk. He has the benefit of having the best team he may ever have played with around him. The Knicks seem to have done a great job of putting together a team that seems to fit very well together. It’ll be interesting to see how the players who are out hurt are fit into this group.

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