SH Blog: Phil Jackson wants to skip some road games, plus more NBA news

The Phil Jackson saga is dominating the headlines in the NBA world this weekend, and thus it is, of course, dominating today’s blog. For a primer on the Lakers/Jackson situation, check out yesterday’s blog.

But if you happen to be a fan of one of the other 29 NBA teams, don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered, in today’s blog as well as elsewhere on SH. We’ve got a rundown of all of last night’s games and top performers, and a new edition of our MVP power rankings, featuring a new #1.

Now, here’s all the latest news from around the NBA.

  • The biggest hang-up in the Lakers and Phil Jackson getting a deal done is Jackson’s desire for increased control over his schedule, as well as basketball personnel decisions. From Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports: “Those who have seen Jackson and spoken with him recently say he looks rested and in good shape, but still has concerns about the lengthy travel an NBA schedule requires, sources said. Some possible solutions, sources said, would be to allow his assistant coaches to coach some games and run shootarounds. Jackson is expected to meet again with Lakers officials on Sunday or Monday, a source said.”
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