Spurs Rally; Nuggets Win in Double OT; MKG Shines

Daily Leagues at FanDuel

Week 2 hasn’t been great. My handicapping was poor on Friday, worse last night and I’m down $68 from the $100 Week 2 bankroll. Nobody said this would be easy or lucrative; I promised you only that it’s fun and challenging,

Sunday is my last chance this week to get even, or even worse. With only five NBA games, the choices are limited, and the player pool is “top-heavy” with superstars. Also, there are two matinees, so leagues are offered that close at either 3:00 or 6:00 — the latter involving only three games.

FanDuel 15Nov. 11
StarsOver $7,000
Kevin Durant$9,900
Chris Paul$9,000
Pau Gasol$7,800
LeBron James$9,900
Kobe Bryant$9,000
ScrubsUnder $5,000
Kyle Korver$4,200
Daniel Gibson$3,600
Darius Morris$3,400
Matt Barnes$4,400
Thabo Sefolosha$4,800
Starters$5,000 to $7,000
Ray Allen$6,200
Zach Randolph$6,800
DeAndre Jordan$5,400
Mike Conley$6,800
Jeff Teague$6,600

Today’s chart is based on 3:00 leagues, with five possible plays in each price range. There aren’t as many attractive bargains as usual in the ‘Scrubs’ category and even the ‘Starters’ are uninspiring, so the trick is to get the right ‘Stars’ in your lineup and fill in the holes as well as possible. Here’s my tentative lineup; good luck with your selections.

PG Chris Paul ATL@LAC $9,000
PG C.J. Watson ORL@BKN $5,200
SG Ray Allen MIA@MEM $6,200
SG E’Twaun MooreORL@BKN $5,200
SF Kevin Durant CLE@OKC $9,900
SF Kyle Korver ATL@LAC $4,200
PF Pau Gasol SAC@LAL $7,800
PF Zach Randolph MIA@MEM $6,800
C DeAndre Jordan ATL@LAC $5,400

The Fantasy Spin is here each morning (even on weekends) by 9:00 a.m. EST. If you missed it on Saturday afternoon, Jeff Nichols previewed the upcoming week. His advice on schedules, who to sit and who to start could be the edge you need. Follow us on Twitter — @SheridanFantasy — for updates.

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