SH Blog: Who’s telling the truth? Reactions about Phil Jackson and Mike D’Antoni from all parties involved

The Los Angeles Lakers fans and everyone else along the way were absolutely shocked very early on Monday morning, when Mike Bresnahan of Los Angeles Times reported that Mike D’Antoni – not Phil Jackson – would become the next head coach of Kobe Bryant and company.

So what exactly happened?

It was reported over the weekend that the Zen master and the Lakers met to discuss the coach’s possible return to the team after the firing of Mike Brown. The fact that Jackson was even available made it seem inevitable that he would be back for an unlikely third run at another championship with the Lakers. In fact, Jackson himself has stated that he was prepared to take the job if negotiations went well between his agent and the team.

Perhaps that’s where things went down hill. Reports surfaced that Jackson simply demanded too much in an attempt to humiliate Buss – that the coach overplayed his hand.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports explained the details


  1. Rich K says

    I don’t think it’s too complex regarding the hiring of Mike D’Antoni. Simply Jim Buss was afraid Jackson would infringe on his control of the team. Afterall Buss cleaned out every remnant of Jackson’s previous tenure to insure his position as head honcho. I’m sure Jim approached his father on the subject of the hiring and maybe presented it as a confirmation that the Lakers were under his control. Whatever the circumstances, Mike D’Antoni better produce a winner or there will be more discontent in LA.

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