Euroleague Power Rankings – Week 5

It’s a long, hard fall from the top of the heap, and sticking the landing is nearly impossible when your ankle’s being held together by trainers tape.

Bo McCalebb was noticeably slowed by a wobbly ankle against Cantu, who dominated former number one in these very rankings, Fenerbahe Ulker, by a score of 82-58. That was good enough to give Cantu the big bump and yank the rug out from under the Turks.

For now, at least. If Bo is healthy and Mike Batiste can figure out how to consistently contribute in the offense—his best bet might be a text to Coach Simone Pianigiani: “hey coach its mike. never really played pf before at pana. cool if i switch back to c? pf kinda suxxx. thx l8rz.”—I still like Fenerbahce to win the whole darn thing.

But this is the regular season, and Barcelona dominates the regular season.  After a rash of rushed releases and iffy acquisitions in the paint (Ante Tomic and Nathan Jawai in, Boni N’Dong, Fran Vazquez and Kosta Perovic out), the Catalan superpowers are back to prove that they’ll be just fine, thanks.

This week, Barca get their debut atop the big board after taking out (then) fellow undefeated CSKA Moscow last week behind 21 points from 2007-08 NBA All-Rookie Second Teamer, Juan Carlos Navarro.

As for last year’s record-setting 62.1 opponents’ PPG, they might not get there this season.  After all, they’re a full decimal behind (62.2).


  1. Cos says

    when you judge European teams with American standards, this is what you get…
    chemistry is everything and you cannot underestimate this… Traditional teams are always going to be traditional teams no matter how good their players are.
    Olympiacos is a Final 4 team, Panathinaikos is a much better team than you guys rate them as… CSKA is a Final 4 team and you only rate Maccabi high because they are winning
    You have a case in Caja Laboral but that’s just an aberration. The exception that validates the truth. Eat your hats and your ratings two weeks after you made them you guys look like fools

    • cos says

      next podcast on euroleague adventures, the noble thing to do is to say: we will never underestimate a greek team three times!
      you guys should write more often. keep up the good work. opinions are like @ssholes anyway.. everyone has one! haha!
      hope you get the humor


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