Heisler’s NBA Power Rankings After Week Two

OK, I think I know how this is going to go….

The No. 2 Heat should run No. 1-2 all season, with no one in the East close to them, pending future developments like a Derrick Rose return. The No. 9 Celtics may once more be dangerous by spring… like last season when they took Miami to Game 7 of the East Finals as a No. 4 seed.

As for the No. 6 Knicks, if they stay unbeaten another week or two, I’ll have to reconsider them.

No one in the West is going to look dominant because no one is going to dominate the conference.

The No. 1 Spurs are still the Spurs, if a year older, although with Tim Duncan as good at 36, averaging 19-10, as he was at 32 when he averaged 19-11, it’s hard to tell.

The No. 3 Grizzlies are still the Grizzlies, or maybe a tad better with Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay both healthy at the same time.

The No. 4 Thunder, apparently, aren’t ready to fall apart on the spot.

The No. 5 Clippers may actually stay up there all season if they can stop anyone.

Then there are the No. 18 Lakers (up from No. 23), under new management with the game’s biggest, most skilled, oldest, slowest starting lineup.

I mean, really new management, not just the usual turnaround with Phil Jackson, who was on his way back until Jerry Buss said, “Why don’t we try someone new, before people forget we existed before we ever hired Phil.”

Buss didn’t actually say it, but I’ll bet it entered into his thinking.

Not that this was a surprise but the word on the lips of every Laker fan–or those still capable of speech—was “W-w-why?”

Aside from Jackson’s 11 titles, he was good with old, slow teams, using his triangle offense to control the tempo.

D’Antoni has always played fast and spread the court. It actually may be good to start some smaller, more athletic role players and bring Pau Gasol, wasted as a starter, off their overmatched bench.

In any case, something’s going to change for someone.

On to the ranks …


  1. Spree8nyk8 says

    How does that #6 ranking look now idiot? The Knicks were 5-0 with the #1 offense AND defense, won every game by 10 or more, every team they played was a playoff team last year and you DROPPED them 3 spots? How is that fair? Well you have pretty much no choice but to put them first next week.

  2. chas says

    I absolutely agree that it is early. I am not saying that the knicks have earned the #1 spot just yet, however they have made a reasonable case. Certainly way better than a 6ranking!
    If they were at 3 or 4, I would show greater patience and ignore Heisler the Hamster.

    You can’t knock those wins. The knicks were dominate. The sixers, Mavs AND Knicks were missing key people. The Heat couldn’t get up for the game???.
    It is more the 5-0 record. If you have watched every game, I can’t see how you can disagree. They have been dominate, other than 2 uninspired quarters vs Orlando. They woke up in time and closed like potential champions need to.
    I have not see seen a knicks team move the ball and play team defense like this since the 70’s.
    There is simply no rational reason to drop them from 3 last week to #6.
    I guess I really don’t care but what does the Heisler Hamster have against my boys? Dolan’s cable bill too high? Related to the girl that Isiah and Dolan tag teamed in a team van?
    What’s the beef? Tired of NYC hype machine? This team is for real
    They are crazy deep and dangerous. If and when Shump gets back at full strength and Amare’ agrees to play with the 2nd unit, the Knicks will be a very serious threat to the man who took his talents to south beach.
    I’ll take a split in the next 2 road games.
    Peace people. Even you Hamster. Don’t be a hater.

  3. chas says

    what brand of medicinal weed are you smoking sir?
    The knicks remain undefeated. They lead the league in defense and several other stats.
    They Win every game by at least doube digit against good competition.
    They crush The Heat, 76er’s (2x), and Mav’s convincingly, yet you move them from 3 down to 6??? HUh? Where is this logic coming from?

    You weren’t the ref in that olympic gold medal game vs the soviets years ago where you?

    • A.J. says

      First, Heisler’s weed isn’t medicinal. Second, it doesn’t take much to beat Philadelphia and Dallas at home. Third, they’ve played a measly five games. If they cream San Antonio and Memphis in their next two games, then you can whip out the weed accusations.

  4. A.J. says

    Also, based upon what Earvin Johnson said last night, it’s clear that Heisler is now totally out of touch with what’s happening in Los Angeles.

  5. A.J. says

    I hate these power rankings things everybody does nowadays. Yeah, I know they’re just for fun, but they’re stupid, too. Fun and stupid. How does a team dip from 15th to 26th in one week. Cleveland sucked then and they sucked now. So unless Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao were in a car crash in the interim, how do these things have any relevance at all except to promote faux meaningless debate like that crappy ESPN show that’s on at 5pm Eastern, and to give a sportswriter like Heisler a small income.

    Less filler, more beef.

  6. john steppling says

    what is this based on? Denver is obviously a top six team. And how does new orleans get to #8 Before i say how idiotic this is, maybe I should be hear the explanation.

  7. Corbie7 says

    Pathetic waste of time reporting. Knicks at 6? The only undefeated team and they destroyed your man-crush team Miami… time to get a new job man.

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