Podcast: Looking ahead to next Knicks-Heat matchup

One thing about going on the Sid Rosenberg show in Miami: You are going to hear the bombastic (and talented) host speak out of both sides of his mouth — usually with some venom and some spice.

Sid hails from New York, but he has been living in the sunshine for a few years now. Sid knows the Heat, he knows the Knicks, and he has a pulse for what folks in both cities are feeling and thinking.

His take on Miami fans: They are utterly dismissive of their team’s loss to the Knicks on opening night at MSG.

Those fans are entitled to think that way, but they should consider themselves forewarned: On Dec. 6 when the teams play for the second time this season, this time in Miami, it is going to be a heck of a measuring stick game for both teams for a lot of reasons. And that doesn’t just go for the Knicks; it goes for the Heat as well. Here’s why …

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