Tweet of the Day: Magic Johnson

The power of sport is phenomenal.

There are times when everyone who follows sports is captivated, inspired or awed…And there are times when we are all disappointed, disgusted, frustrated or saddened. It happens to everyone.

It even happens to former Hall of Fame players.

The reason I haven't tweeted in 2 days is because I've been mourning Phil Jackson not being hired as the Lakers head coach.
Earvin Magic Johnson

While this Tweet is quite humorous, and was most likely intended that way, it doesn’t negate the fact that Los Angeles Lakers legend Earvin Magic Johnson has a very soft spot in his heart for his team.

He played 11 seasons, winning five championships before his career was disrupted by the revelation that he had contracted the HIV virus. He briefly returned as a coach before buying five percent of the team. Then, in 1994, he made a comeback—playing his twelfth season.

He no longer owns a share of the team, but that doesn’t mean that the Lakers don’t own a piece of his heart.

Magic isn’t the first to take a hiatus from Twitter, nor will he be the last. This incident just serves as a reminder that superstars are human too.

Whether he truly was in mourning for the Lakers choice to spurn Phil Jackson in lieu of Mike D’Antoni, or if he merely was busy and did not take time to send out any tweets, the fact remains that we all have such moments.

Our favorite teams, players or sports can find ways to get the best—or worst of us.

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