Tweet of the Night: Kurt Rambis

His true shooting percentage sits above 66 percent on the season, compared to his career average of 55 percent and a career-high mark of 58 percent, accomplished in the 2006-2007 season.

Bryant – 34 years of age – is supposed to be at the point of his career that most would consider the beginning of the end for many players. As Kurt Rambis – who ripped the Lakers for the way they handled the Phil Jackson situation – pointed out, Bryant has got that pop again and calling him old is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind at this point.

Although the law of averages would indicate a drop in percentages soon enough, if Bryant can hover around the 50 percent mark with less defensive attention on him now that Dwight Howard is on board, Mike D’Antoni might have a lot more fun with the team than even he could have imagined.

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