SH Blog: Jamal Crawford puts Ray Allen on skates, Twitter reacts accordingly


Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford received some serious national attention on Wednesday night when he pulled a bunch of his signature crossover moves against the Miami Heat on ESPN, specifically on poor old Ray Allen, who could do little to contain the crafty ball handler. As some of you may know, being crossed over by Crawford is familiar territory for Allen.

We’ve already covered Crawford as a possible favorite to win the Sixth Man of the Year award this season, but the way he has performed so far, a possible All-Star selection may be in order. Since the leading scorer of the team was somehow left off the All Star ballot, you’ll have to text or write him in instead.

He finished the night with 22 points on seven-of-11 shooting to continue his torrid season off the bench, and there were plenty of reactions about the impressive play of the guard on Twitter:

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  1. The way Jamal Crawford has been playing lately, he’s capable of crossing over your unborn children.

    On the reals: his offensive firepower fits nicely within the depth of the Clippers bench. Each back-up plays a natural/specific role that coalesces nicely. Definitely lightens the load for the starters, especially Chris Paul/Blake Griffin.


  1. [...] Ray Allen may be dropping game winning three-pointers for the Heat, but his defense has been awful. His lack of lateral movement was exposed last night by Jamal Crawford. [...]

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