Sheridan: OK, Knicks. Whatcha gonna bring against Spurs, Grizzlies?

I’ve noticed something in monitoring the NBA and the Internet over the past few days. The undefeated New York Knicks aren’t getting their props.

And maybe props aren’t yet due. They played three bad quarters in Orlando the other night. They had an opening night blowout win over Miami after the Heat got stuck on their bus in post-Hurricane Sandy traffic for two hours on the short drive to the arena. They played Philly twice, and Philly doesn’t have Andrew Bynum yet.

They lead the league in defense, and they lead in point differential, overwhelmingly. But it’s still early. And in the minds of many outside of New York, the question is this: When will they get a “W” that stands for “Worthy?”

Tonight is their chance against the Spurs in San Antonio, and next up after that is a visit to Memphis to play the red-hot Grizzlies. If they come back 7-0, are they still fluke material in the eyes of radio hosts in Miami and a certain guy in Los Angeles? Your comments are welcome.

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