Hamilton: Unbeaten Knicks have put NBA on notice

After a 104-100 road victory Thursday over the San Antonio Spurs – a game they had no business winning – it is safe to say that the New York Knicks have officially put the rest of the NBA on notice.

They mean business.

It is a bit premature for Knicks fans to start reserving spots along the Canyon of Heroes, but if any member of the national media tries to take anything away from the Knicks’ improbable comeback against the best team in the Western Conference …

They’re a hater. As simple as that.

Trailing 89-77, with about seven minutes remaining, the Knicks didn’t have a chance. There was no shame in losing to the Spurs, though. To say Tim Duncan has owned the Knicks – especially in Texas – would be an understatement.

Entering Thursday night, the Knicks were 2-14 in games played against the Spurs in San Antonio and they were riding a nine-game road losing streak to Duncan and Co. So, obviously, a loss wouldn’t have been surprising.

Hell, I even publicly predicted one on Twitter.

And if the game ended at that point, I would have been correct.

Carmelo Anthony shot just 3-of-12 and failed to score double digits. Resident sniper Steve Novak was just 1-of-5 from downtown. The Knicks managed just 17 assists while being outrebounded, 48-40.

On paper, the Knicks weren’t supposed to win.

But they did anyway.


  1. rastawit says

    Great read Moke. The Knicks seem focused and ready. It’s a good mix of veteran leadership and youthful hunger. Looking forward to a great season.

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