Tweet of the Day: Chris Paul

Have you ever had high expectations for something only to be let down?

Ever have high expectations for the weather?

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul has…and he is disappointed.

It hurts to find out that Tony Toni Tone lied when they said "It never rains in Southern California!"...not used to not seeing the Sun here
Chris Paul

Sometimes the weather just isn’t good enough. Sometimes you expect too much and get too little.

And, sometimes, the sun disappears in the clouds for nine to ten straight days. On such days, your hopes for sunshine on the west coast evaporate like water on a hot summer day.

Of course, Paul may have been exaggerating the circumstances. He has been in LA since last year, and there definitely has not been non-stop cloudy weather for a full calendar year. Still, perception is reality. And, with over a week straight of cloudy days, his reality may feel bleak.

It may, however, be too soon to declare Tony! Toni! Tone! a group of R&B singing liars.

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