Tweet of the Night: LeBron James

This was tweeted from Miami shortly after sunrise, which technically should disqualify it from Tweet of the Night.

But it was still dark in Phoenix, where some poor soul had to clean up James’ vomit in the first quarter — unless LBJ made it to the toilet/sink in time.

James hadn’t been home for 10 days as the Heat went 4-2 on a six-game road trip that included losses to the Grizzlies and Clippers and victories over the Hawks, Rockets, Nuggets and Suns.

A light portion of the schedule awaits the Heat now, with only two games over the next 10 days (home games against the Bucks on Wednesday and the Cavs next Saturday.)

Then, the Heat have four full days off before the San Antonio Spurs pay a visit on Thursday night, Nov. 29.

So James will have his 2 days — and many more — to get his body clock right.

Maybe he’ll also get some food down.

He didn’t eat on Saturday after catching the flu bug that has been shared amongst the team, but James still scored 21 points in 41 minutes of burn in the Heat’s 97-88 victory over the Suns.

Some vomit-laden details from old buddy Bob Baum of The Associated Press:

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