Sheridan: Updating the Big Three: Lakers, Heat and Knicks

If you have come here to view a discussion of the Milwaukee Bucks’ terrific start, you haven’t exactly come to the wrong place — because it is mentioned in the above video as part of the cupcake portion of the schedule that the Miami Heat are about to embark on.

Get this: In the next 30 days, they gets on an airplane once.

But the Bucks, Grizzlies, Clippers, Nets and the rest of the NBA’s second bananas are taking a back seat in this video on the state of the Big Three: The Lakers, Heat and Knicks.

The Knicks, leading the Eastern Conference as the week begins, will go back on the road again for another three-game stretch that’ll include a special night with Jeremy Lin in Houston and a return to Dallas for Jason Kidd. Three road games in four nights is no easy task, but coach Mike Woodson gave the team the day off Monday after they played three of their last four on the road, winning three of them.

So while the Knicks will be logging airplane mileage, the Heat will be soaking up the sunshine.

They are just off a 10-game road trip that LeBron James concluded with a 41-minute performance on an empty stomach, and they will play 10 of their next 11 at home over the next month, with the only detour to the nation’s capital to play Washington, the NBA’s only winless team.

And then we have the Lakers, who are 4-1 after being 1-4. Kobe Bryant posted a triple-double after being left off the SheridanHoops Top 10 MVP rankings, which were filed Sunday before Bryant awoke. Rest assured he’ll make his way onto that list sooner or later. His next opponent will be the Brooklyn Nets, who are coming into the Staples center with a 5-game winning streak that no one in New York wants to talk about.

The Knicks still own New York, just as the Lakers still own L.A.


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