Podcast: Why can’t Clippers, Nets get any love?

The team sitting atop the Western Conference standings this morning is the Los Angeles Clippers. Ever heard of them?

Drama queens they are not. They do not flirt with Phil Jackson. They do not stockpile future Hall of Famers and then lose 12 of their first 13 games. They do not make surprise coach hirings in the dead of night. But they keep winning — their streak is up to 6 in a row heading into tonight’s game measuring stick game on the road against Oklahoma City.

Another Rodney Dangerfield team is the Brooklyn Nets, who didn’t quite have enough to defeat the Laker last night in Los Angeles in what was the franchise’s biggest showcase game in a half-decade. But even if they had won last night and extended their victory streak to 6, you know what?

Like the Clippers in L.A., nobody in New York is talking about the Nets. It’s all Knicks, all the time — and it is going to tay that way as long as they can maintain a gaudy record.

I discussed those points this morning with Sid Rosenberg on 640-Sports Radio in Miami. Click the play button below to listen.

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