Tweet of the Day: Dwight Howard

American Thanksgiving Day.

A tradition passed on from the pilgrim settlers long long ago.

A day in which we take time to give thanks for all that we have and all of the blessings that have been provided to us.

NBA athletes are no less thankful than everyone else. Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard gives his thanks.

Hey Woorrldd. Happy Thanksgiving! So thankful for amazing family,friends,fans and of course being back on the basketball court!!. #SoBlessed
Dwight Howard

And so begins the thread of thanksgiving:

Happy Thanksgiving to all...Many blessings and thanks to all the soldiers and their family's...May they all be blessed and thankful today !!
John Wall
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Going to see my kiddies for a minute...
Steve Nash
Happy thanksgiving everyone enjoy! And be thankful for what you have!
Josh Harrellson
Happy Thanksgiving to all, enjoy this special day with your friends and family!
Jamaal Tinsley

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