Tweet of the Night: Al Horford

Here’s an interesting fact about this young man that makes this whole thing even more fun: he is the little brother of Atlanta Hawks forward Al Horford. Here is Horford’s reaction to the video:

Thanks! too funny!!! RT @: @ -- here you go! Ogling cheerleader kid Hawks/Wizards
Al Horford

His teammate Zaza Pachulia also chimed in after watching the clip:

Al Horford's little brother so funny:))
Zaza Pachulia

Talk about a gem moment caught on video.

Tweet of the Day: Roger Mason

NBA players go wild for Jack Taylor’s 138-point night


  1. A.J. says

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      • A.J. says

        I can live with something like that, but it has to be no less than 35, not 30. Like the minimum age to be President. Anybody who’s already drooping by the age of 30 doesn’t deserve them.


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