Tweet of the Day: Spencer Hawes

College football’s “Rivalry Weekend” is a great distraction from Black Friday sales and waiting in long lines at stores.

The last and final weekend of the college football regular season is oftentimes the most important weekend of the year for some fans—as their team faces their most hated rival.

Philadelphia 76ers center Spencer Hawes knows what it’s all about. As a college athlete, he played for the Washington Huskies. This week the Huskies face off against the in-state rival Washington State Cougars.

Way to sell out your little 20 thousand seat stadium cougs. What a joke. Ring ring, it's the mountain west conference calling they want you!
Spencer Hawes

Hawes’ tweet can be viewed as either excessively harsh and overly sarcastic or hilarious.

He is clearly taking a jab at Washington State’s stadium (in comparison to other teams in the Pac-12 conference). In case you didn’t understand the reference, the Mountain West Conference is the non-AQ (non-automatic qualifier to the BCS bowl series) little brother to the Pac-12.

It would be like telling the Washington Wizards that the NBDL wants them to join their league—quite insulting

That is the type of venom that great sports rivalries are made of.

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