Daily NBA Trivia Question: Nov. 24, 2012


It is Day 4 of this feature, and we are glad y’all are enjoying. We have featured big guys in our two most recent quizzes, so today we’ll go a little smaller.

Q:Who holds the Chicago Bulls record for playing in the most consecutive games?

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  1. Amir I A Hakeem says:

    Sharing is caring.
    The season of giving.

  2. Amir I A Hakeem says:

    The D- League I see is not busy
    these days only calling fifty people.
    Then ten are on assignments .
    I see Linsanity was on the
    team last year. I just
    think how soon will the
    D- League start calling
    more folk from their list.
    Some folk are not that
    busy apparently hoping for
    the opportunity of a call.
    This is the season of giving.

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