FanDuel Diary: Leagues Start Early Today

As Week 4 draws to a close, I’m sure to finish at least $100 ahead, doubling the original bankroll.

Resisting the temptation to join a $109 Head-to-Head or 50/50 league, I’m going to stay at my usual $1 amd $2 levels in tournaments and venture into the $5 range in leagues with fewer teams.

It’s a quirk of scheduling that for the second Sunday in a row, most of the NBA’s superstars have the day off. Also, there are matinees to consider, so some FanDuel contests close at 1:00 (be sure to enter early) and others at 3:00, disrupting the comfortable routine of 7:00 pm closings most evenings.

FanDuel 15Nov. 25
StarsOver $7,000
Carmelo Anthony$8,500
Tim Duncan$8,300
Rajon Rondo$7,700
Brook Lopez$7,200
Nicolas Batum$7,400
ScrubsUnder $5,000
Jason Terry$4,800
Gary Neal$4,500
Jonas Valanciunas$4,500
Jeff Green$4,200
Andre Drummond$4,000
Starters$5,000 to $7,000
Glen Davis$6,900
Damian Lillard$6,700
Kyle Lowry$6,900
Ryan Anderson$6,700
Paul Pierce$6,900

There are only six games to choose from in leagues that close at 1:00, and if you wait for the 3:00 leagues, the player pool is even shallower. Today’s chart reflects the relative scarcity at the top and bottom; you can make up an entire lineup of “Starters,” which is where a lot of the best choices seem to be.

Here’s my morning lineup, subject to changes until 1:00 EST.

PG Damian Lillard POR@BKN $6,700
PG Kyle Lowry SA@TOR $6,900
SG Wesley Matthews POR@BKN $6,700
SG J.J. Redick BOS@ORL $5,100
SF Paul Pierce BOS@ORL $6,900
SF Carmelo Anthony DET@NY $8,500
PF Ryan Anderson NO@DEN $6,700
PF Markieff Morris PHO@PHI $5,300
C Brook Lopez POR@BKN $7,200

Good luck with your picks!

Today’s Fantasy Spin looks at all six NBA games in more detail and reviews what happened last night, including the latest injuries and roster shuffles.

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